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 to Desie's 

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Hello and Welcome to my Site.

Thank You for taking time out to come

 and pay a visit.

I wanted to do this site to give everyone 

a nice place to visit on the net

and share a little something of me with you. 

I am from Oklahoma and a mother 

of one son Christopher, who is 9 (cries)  :)

Which you will get to see and 

read the stories I like to call my 

"Christopher Stories" .

He is the joy of my life.

Please check out the links that are here 

as well as the ones to come.

I have added my some of my favorites 

as well as the ones of my friends.

Soon to come a tribute to my grandmother

and my fight against cancer !!!! 

(click the rose) 

My Poetry 

My Awards

Favorite Links 

Christopher's Web Site  

 Drew's Homepage 

Loved One's in Heaven

Words Of Love 

Links To Friend's 

Abby's Playground

My Poker Football Page 

My Blinkie's 

Christopher's Stories




Please E-Mail me about my site

or anything you would like for me to know

I would love to hear from u all.




Please come back to visit from time to time

and check out and see what I have added.

Before you leave,

Please Sign my Guest Book so 

I know you have been here.

Please feel free to View my Guest Book also.





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