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To a place where I wanted to keep

the Words of Love

and Encouragement,

from all of You I call Friend.

Some of these entries came from

my Guest Book, others from E mails.

Thank you to who have written.

As Long as you write,

I will keep adding them.

Peace to You All


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Heya, Just had a chance to check out your site,

keep up the good work!! it is looking great!!


06 Jul 1999

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Just wanted to say hi.

The site is coming together really well.

I am and look forward to seeing 

this page grow as your heart heals.

Take care and God Bless


06 Jul 1999
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Hey what's up.

It's Brent and I was just checking out your website.

It's pretty cool. Can't wait to see the updates.

 Keep up the good work.

06 Jul 1999

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Hey-what a great real name u have-better than a lot of nics-

lol I'd be honored re linking-u made my day-thanks so much-
I'll go c your site-have

 a great evening- To Limey's Tea Shoppe  


06 Jul 1999

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Bonnie, What a great site!

I cant wait to come back from time to time to see the updates.

Keep up the great work. Love ya, Clyde *kisses*

07 Jul 1999
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Sis, you have come along way from what you first showed me,

but I love this, and can't wait to see the rest.

You have every reason to be proud.

When Chris gets older, he will see how much

 he and his mom was loved. 

Love ya sis, Lav

07 Jul 1999

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Hi there Sweetie, love your site!!!

Love the music on this page I am signing on its very peaceful.

Great to see such nice work.

Take care love ya sis Michelle

07 Jul 1999

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Hi Dez, Your site looks really great, u have done good job.

I love it cause it's a part of u.

U are someone great.

Take care of u and Chris Love David

07 Jul 1999

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Liked it so much, it's my second time here today.....

I look forward to learning more about your life in the future......

Love you lots.....

John Kyranos

07 Jul 1999

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Lilly ROCKS!!!

Your sight is looking fantastic!

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more.

(starting to sound like those movie critics on the movie ads in the newspaper

"It was the feel good movie of the summer!!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll soil yourself!!!!")

ahem...ok, I'm finished now. Thanks for sharing with us sweetie..


07 Jul 1999

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Hi Lil... Just wanted to say that I think your site is great &

I am anxiously awaiting the updates!

You are truly a special young lady

for allowing so many of your friends into your life --

I'm sure I can speak for all in saying...

"thanks for being such a kind and wonderful person --

I only wish that every person in the world had a "lil" in their life..."


07 Jul 1999

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Lil what a beautiful idea.

I never thought I would meet such great people on net.

Keep up the great work and will visit often Love sis (sisters)

07 Jul 1999

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Lil, This is a very beautiful site.

I'm so glad I had a chance to view it and add it to my bookmarks.

Now when I need a pick me up I know where to go.

Thanks so much, Myfairlady

07 Jul 1999

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hi-  I found it! VERY IMPRESSIVE!

your much further along than me

in using animated graphics on a page. 

I emailed your son, he's certainly a fine looking boy.

the thing about the html that wouldn't get through is that,

evidently tripod members have a tilde [    ~    ]  in the http address.  

I think this one gets through
how do you keep a straight face playing poker on yahoo???

ha ha I'm rrvinyl there too. ok  TTYL  rrvinyl

07 Jul 1999
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hi-finally got to it-it was a bit hard -don't know why-

I really like it-great work-I can c u have really thought about it-

its super nice-great format- I c u love angels too-

I 've been to Oklahoma in 93-pretty state- I loved Christopher's pic-

and I'm really interested in your poems- I'll be back

To Limey's Tea Shoppe   Blessings...

07 Jul 1999
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dear sis, it is a beautiful thing you have done here.

I enjoyed it very much and will be back.

I will send you things on my son that died when he was nine.

take care and keep up the good work

love your sis, pren

08 Jul 1999

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Hey Lil....this is a beautiful site, I love the angel's.

Doing a great job on it!

Will stop in and look at it to see what you have added.


08 Jul 1999

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Lil: I want to thank you for making me smile

and for helping me to get thru my loss.

You are a very special person and I pray all goes well for you.

Jim aka Sudd

08 Jul 1999

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hey lil, it's me cheese

now I know where to come when I'm feeling bad thank you.

I knew you were a special person.

thx again cheese

08 Jul 1999

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Wow,lil awesome site i'll be coming back to visit.

Keep up the good work!

wyatt earp

08 Jul 1999

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Hi Lil,

I love your site. It's beautiful. I love the angels.

I know when you finish, it's going to be great.

Love ya aunt lil. :)

Love, little_lav

08 Jul 1999

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hey lil, great site.


08 Jul 1999

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He I really like your site especially the music.

Maybe someday I'll figure out how to do the home page thing.

Love you;

wildcatfan (Jerry)

08 Jul 1999

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It looks wonderful. Keep it up honey!!


08 Jul 1999

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Hi Twin! I love your work.

I'm very very proud of you for doing this

I know your sister and friends in heaven

would be so very proud of you for doing this for them.

love: Juanita

08 Jul 1999

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I really like your selection of background wallpaper

... it's just the best!


08 Jul 1999

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What a beautiful site, a fine and thoughtful place.

My mind and heart go out to you

and the meeting of Yahoo friends gains in importance.

Very well done lil and I hope to meet you online again, soon.

Pie passed your site to me, I will thank her.

Yours in Yahoo friendship...

Rand Walker aka *dukshoot* ((hug))

08 Jul 1999

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Well Lil I WAS the first to sign this, LOL but I messed up.

Sorry. Lets try this again.

Thank you so much for letting me help you with this web.

Its been a lot of fun these last few days,

kept me out of trouble :)

You are a real "friend" and I love ya.


08 Jul 1999

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Your friends are blessed by your graciousness.

This page merely proves why you have so many friends.

Keep up the good work.


08 Jul 1999

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This is an awesome site, just like you ! 

We have had some great time's at the poker tables.

The sister's know how to put on a show.

I for one will never forget what you have done for me.

your the best and I wish you all the best in your life.

take care 


08 Jul 1999


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this site is really good, keep up the good work


09 Jul 1999

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this site is just wonderful.

you have done a wonderful job.

fleshnblood_78 nate

10 Jul 1999

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Lil you did a great job.

You had me in tears.

Keep up the good work.

I'll be sure to check back often.


10 Jul 1999

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Hi lil, This site is a breath of fresh air.

It's great to see what you have done

and what means the most to you and in your life.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

I will be back often to see your poetry,

I've been published so in poetry and 


I love what you have done.

You've gained a new friend.

Thanks again for sharing,

love ya, Phil

10 Jul 1999

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Hi! Its Pam from Memories

I love your site, and invite you to visit memories again...

added new pages in favorite things section today.....

as we say in the south, y'all come back, ya hear!!!


11 Jul 1999

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Its Pam from glad you visited me...

I have enjoyed your site so much

.... come see me again..

Memories, and check out favorites section...

added new things today


11 Jul 1999

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Des- LOL After you asked me if I'd signed your book,

I had to come check out the site!

And I'm glad I did...

I'm glad you have the courage to let God heal you

and show your gift of words thru this forum.

I love how you can say so much with so little...

Thanks again!

Phil (licensed2phil)

12 Jul 1999

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Second site is good luck. Sweet and nice site,

 just like you. Take care and God bless.

Tom (Lipsterman)

PS. Thanks Pie. :-)

Hello I am Chumashsalad..delighted 

with your site..thanks for the invite. a poem

Thank you for the invite to visit your site.

 It is wonderful and filled with love. 

I will continue to check back for new additions. 

Vikki Chavez, aka pmsqueen

Thank-you so much for the invite. It's beautiful.

I will be checking in.       

You did an awesome job.Butterflyf36

Goes to show that you can't keep a good woman 

down (or can you?). 

I'm glad you got your site back, looking 

lovely as ever, I might add. Good work 

-- and remember....

Only the Strong survive.

Love You, John

dear sis, gosh it is beautiful. i wish i could do it.

 i am lost when it comes to things like this.

 sis keep up the good work cuz you have done a wonderful job.

 i hope chris will realize just how much you love him, 

like i realize it. our kids are our life and you 

like me have been blessed with the best. lil 

you are a wonderful person and 

i want to say thank you for being my friend 

and my sis. love you deeply, pren (jacquie)

hey sis you did an awsome job very proud 

of you wish i had the same skills but 

guess mom just stoped at you and pie(LMAO)

 love ya sis and really awsome web page 

love sis blue

Hi Lilly, 

Thank you for sharing what's important to

 you in your life with me. 

As a parent and a person who has lost loved

 ones it's important for me to see how other friends

 relate to the joy of a child and the pain of a loss.

 You've done a great job with this site,

 you can see the love that was put into it. 

You definetly made the list on the sister tour 99, lol. 

Thanks again for sharing this site with me. 

Love, Phil

Sis, Way to show them you can't tell a sis no.

 The site is as beautiful as ever. 

And your stories touch the hear and soul 

of all who have children and who have lost someone. 

You have mangaged to put tears and 

laughter together in a pot and it works. 

But then I wouldn't expect less from a sister. 

Thank you for sharing a vital piece of your life with us.

Love always sis LeAnn

Hi Twin! I enjoyed it the frst time ;

I just had to come back . 

You have done a wonderful job on your site.

I think it is so great to share your life with us. 

Love you sis! Johnnygirle

what a very beautiful site what a 

beautiful& caring person you are!!thanks

 for being a friend jerry bergman ok_male

You have a beautiful site and Thank you 

for sharing. I will send my friends to

 have a nice clean enviroment 

for all!! God Bless!!! Norma Jean

Interesting site, I look forward to checking 


out the entire site. Here is a line from

 Michael Collins. Spoken to Michael's 

finacee after he was assasinated 

on Sept. 21, 1922.

Some people are what the times demand 

and life without them seems impossible,

 but he's dead and life is possible, he made it possible.

I had a very enjoyable time viewing your

 page it wonderful. I would just like to thank 

you for being a friend. I really enjoyed all 

your poems they made my cry thank you. pig_wild.


you are my first born, who were the one I 

grew up with. 

the one that knew that when you cried

 i cried. we have been so close for 

so many years that if there wasn't you there 

would be no me. 

I had dreams and you have

 always been in them. All the words

 that there are to say can not tell you

 of the love in my heart for you. 

So my dearest Desiree remember as you travil

 this world there is a place for you. 

It's in your mothers heart.

 Love ya always mom

Hello Dee,

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you I love your site.

Nice Job, thanks for letting me look!

Love ya,


Hi Babe. Good to see you haven't gotten 

complacent with this. Keep up the good work. 

I love you.



Desiree, I have not seen you,

 have not talked to you, merely found you

 on the internet.

 I have not known a more beautiful love, 

a more tender hearted person that what you must be.

 I have never, never in my life cried so much for a person, 

smiled with a son, or got so much meaning out of life than 

to look through the pages of you and your son's lives. 

I know that when you are called away to see those loved ones,

 you will meet with them in Heaven.

 I believe there is a song, "Angels Among Us", 

now I believe it to be true, only an angel could

 squeeze through the cracks in my heart and make 

me see life in this respect. 

May God eternally be with you and Chris and 

watch over you always.

Jeffrey Wolf

i really enjoyed your sight it is

 really unique. thank you it 

made me feel good today. kim theis

hi lil....

nice site...well done..u guys are

 way too clever on these damn puta's 

for me...lmao...then again i'm almost puta illiterate...

.anyways good one and i'll come

 back and see some more later .lots a

 love minstrels99 (cliff) p.s. 

dont worry about peek (pie whatever)

i'll take care of her, i know what good friends 

u guys are she speaks about you alot..

.its nice to have friends like you..

she's very lucky.anyways enuff mush lol 

...c ya


Great looking sight, keep up the good work.


Thanks for sharing part of you with me. Nice Work. 


Dear Sis! I told u once I told you a

 houndred times.

That I'm very proud of you for

 such a wonderful and beautiful site. 

Thank you so much for sharing it with me. 

love you sis alot!Juanita 

p.s. give this hug and kiss to chris. smooch

You did a great job..This is so nice..

.Will check back...Wish you all the best...Tea

Lily, This a beautiful sight, almost as

 beautiful as you, keep up the great work !!! 


This is a great site. I love the way 

that you did the angels and I will be visiting again, 

Im trying to get my daughter to make a site for me.

 God Bless You and your family.


Deer_Slayer505 Angelface723

The site is beautiful sis -

 you created something special- you should be proud.


Well this sure is a great site. 

Very touching. I am glad 

"Mist" put me on to it. 

Well done and keep up the good work.


Lily, You have a beautiful 

and inspiring site. Your poetry is wonderful and 

your memorials touching. 

You have made a truly fantastic site and 

I have enjoyed my visit very much. 

You definitely will qualify for an 

award and I will send it to you today.

=) Michelle




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