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To The One I Love



How can I tell you, how you make me feel.

How can I even show you,

How much you mean to me. 


How can I give you back,

What you have given me.


How can I give you my heart,

When you have had it from the start.


How can I give you back that smile,

The one you give me everyday.


How can I give you all the happiness,

That you have given me

And brought that light to my soul.


How can I start my day without telling you

How much I Love You.


How can I make

This dream of  ours come true.


This is to the One I Love and

I make this promise to you.

As long as I have a breath in my lung.

As long as I can feel you next to me,

I will give you my Love,

My Soul, My friendship.

And most of all I give you.

A long life of happiness.



Desiree Pruett 1999 (All Rights Reserved)


I love you