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To my Father

All the years I look back and see you standing beside me.

 With that understanding love you always have for me .

  No matter what I asked for with no questions asked you gave it to me.

 Ever since I was little I was your little girl.

Always wanted my dad there to

 show you how well I was doing ,

wanted so much for you to be proud of me.

 I always knew you were. Raising three of us wasn't easy

and I know raising two daughters wasn't easy

but you always made our lives happy.

As having a son of my own there is nothing more then

for him to grow up and be just like his PAPA.

 A man that will do anything for any body and do

 anything for his kids and family.

Dad if I have never told you this and incase you don't

know I love you dad your my hero when I need one.

 My rock in my life I know I can turn to when

 I need someone most. With all this daddy Thank

You for being you. love always ,

written for my dad to let him know how much I love him
Nov 10, 1999