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Paper Rose


This is no story... what is true.

Cannot be told as something imaginary.

This about her, surfing

on the waves of bits and

 so.negatives and positives.

All loved her, Men in particular
She would blow you a kiss,

from a distance, you cannot describe.

Still you'd receive it as it was...

Blown to you from the wings of

 her tender lips, gently, sweetly.

 Only for tea to reveal.

The mystery she feels.

For she is a true soul.

 From the kind one seldom surfs upon.

 Come . come  on , tell me.

Tell me her name .

Is that your question?

well my friend ,

 you should have known.

 That she should be on a throne.

And that she has the

 name her own daughter will carry.
One day to her it's all the same.

Cause she is the divine Desiree'

This is to you, I kiss this sheet

 like a thousand leafs.

 Falling from a thousand trees.

 Bending down on my knees,

Handing over this

this was given to me by Jan thank you so

much i will keep it always .

written by him  given to me . thank you