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Let Me Go

I sit and look at the stars wondering

 where you are

tonight.  Do you ever wonder about me ?  

do you ever think about me?  I can't keep 

you out of mind.

Do you ever wonder how I am ? 

As I sit and and

wonder how are you are.  

I'm sitting here lost

in my self not knowing where were

 are or who you are with. 

Do I have this right?  I'm trying hard to 

hold on to what we have. 

Are you holding the other end?  

What else can I give you ? 

I have giving you everything inside of 

me there is nothing left.

I have tired to make you happy 

and giving all I can

did you give me you heart?

So release me and let me go.  

Let me fly to the unknown let me 

explore the outside of my heart.

Let me feel that peace I need in my

 heart, to you with love remember 

me the way I am.......


Where you are