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               IF YOU


               If you wake up and IM not where you can see me

               feel me in your heart IM there


               If you ever think I have gone from your life

               feel me around you I'm there with you.


               If you are missing me like I'm missing you

               please don't waste your tears on me I can hear you.


               If you are in need of my smiling face

               looking back on you

               close your eyes you will see me.


               If you ever feel alone and scared and

               not knowing what to do

               feel my love with you

              your not alone IM there with you.


               If you ever think we wont see each other again

               and I'm gone forever

               I'm in heaven saving a spot for you

               to spend forever with me.......


               Desiree Pruett (All Rights Reserved)

Well I fall in Love