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She comes in colors
Like a watercolor rainbow across a sullen sky
Even in storm she dazzles
With tantalizing streaks of electric-blue lightning
Her laughter shimmers
Painting the darkness with its glow if only for a moment
Like a falling star, she is fleeting but unforgettable
She sparkles like sunshine on winter’s snow
Try to collect her but she is an illusion like fool’s gold
She stays just out of reach
She is a cloud sailing the breezes of late spring
Laying on your back amidst the smell of cut grass
You describe her shape but she changes
On a summer night, she is a firefly
Like a child, you try to capture her but she’s not there
You see her in the edges of your vision, but as you turn she is gone
She is a leaf blowing in the autumn wind, dancing and playing
Try to catch her, pin her down but she pirouettes away
Does the wind move her or is it the other way ‘round?
Try to hold onto her brilliance
And she slips away like the fleeting memory of love
In name as in spirit she is desire
Happy Birthday Desiree
Love Craig
December Thirty, Nineteen Ninety-Nine

Thank You so much for this

you will never know what it means to me I will

keep it forever Thank you sweetie !!!