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In Loving Memory Of

Terry  Dale  WrolStad

Leslie and Terry

taken at a Halloween party I don't remember the date of this pic

but I'm guessing it is around 1990 .

Terry with his gangster look and well Leslie just being herself.

Terry my (brother) my friend I remember all

the times you tired to protect me and Leslie.

Did you know I learned a lot from you? Made

see what was really important in life which

was my family and friends.

We all grew up together had lots of

fun times and bad ones. The

good times were always the best with both

of you.

Now you two are together somewhere in

a much better place then here.

I miss you two like crazy and wish you

were both here with me.

Take care of each other like always

and un till we meet again I love you both

so very much.

Forever Rest In Peace.

Love your Family and Friends

    If you 

If you wake up and

and I am not where 

you can see me . 

Feel me in your heart 

I'm there

If you ever think I 

have gone from you life


Feel me around you 

I am right there in your heart.

If you are missing me like I am 

missing you 

Please don't waste your tears on me 

I can hear you just speak to me .

If you are in need of my smiling face

looking back on you .

Close your eyes and you will see me.

If you ever feel alone and scared and not

knowing what to do .

Feel my love with you 

you are not alone .

If you ever think we wont see each other again 

and I am gone forever 

I am in heaven saving a spot for you .

To spend forever with me ......

Written for the both of you I love you both 

rest in peace ! 


              Desiree Pruett (All Rights Reserved)


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